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Nataliya Plambeck- "Artist at Work"

Art with a Mission


My work as an artist means so much more to me than filling a canvas with form and color. I channel my creative urges into art that explores the universal human experience. I hope to reach through the canvas to elevate beauty, stir wonder, and inspire reverence in my viewers for the things we hold most dear. 


Born in Ukraine, I studied art at the University of Izmail and at Odessa Art Academy before coming to the United States in 1996. With a style that spans borders, internationally and artistically, I seek balance in my canvases between traditional and contemporary forms of expression. My work is invigorated by my search for balance as a woman—a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, and a person of faith. I take my place among women worldwide, sharing in the daily practice of measuring and enhancing the golden ratio that honors work, relationships, and wellness for the richest life possible



I hope to bring joy through my artwork, but maybe even more importantly, to bring connection, to acknowledge our shared journey. The trials we experience and the beauty and magic of overcoming them; of facing fears and coming out on the other side; of pausing, stopping, slowing down to recognize beauty and magic all around us.

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